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- Paypal commissions only.
- I'll upload the sketch first so you can decide if you like it or if you'd like me to make changes to it. Then after payment I'll finish the whole commission.
- Take into account that the prices here are in euros, so if you pay in dollars for example make sure to convert it to the correct price (10€ for a commission for example would be about 11,16 USD) (I think PayPal converts it automatically but it's so you have a better idea of the prices).
- You're not allowed to make a profit with the commssion or claim to be the artist, however you are allowed to use it in a non-profit manner, modify it for a specific use or ask about the commission progress.

Will draw: People, animals, fanart, OCs, chibi, slight gore, etc.

Will not draw: NSFW, nudity, fetish, sexual pictures.


Sketch: Fullbody: 3€ (+2€ for extra character) / Halfbody: 2€ (+1€ for extra character)
Commission: Sybil And Chazz WIP by CartoonSilverFox Johan And Chloe Sketch by CartoonSilverFox Flying Without Wings Sketch by CartoonSilverFox

Lineart: Fullbody: 5€ (+3€ for extra character) / Halfbody: 4€ (+2€ for extra character)
Jumping In The Pool Lineart by CartoonSilverFox Flying Without Wings Lineart by CartoonSilverFox
Picture with flat coloured character: Fullbody: 7€ (+4€ for extra character) / Halfbody: 5€ (+3€ for extra character)
Flying Without Wings Flat Colour by CartoonSilverFox Chibi Obi Wan Flat Coloured by CartoonSilverFox

Picture of character with simple shade: Fullbody: 10€ (+5€ for extra character) / Halfbody: 7€ (+4€ for extra character)
Chibi Obi-Wan by CartoonSilverFox Commission : Nostralygos by CartoonSilverFox

Picture of character with detailed Shade: Fullbody: 14€ (+6€ for extra character) / Halfbody: 10€ (+5€ for extra character)
Crash And Baby Spyro Shade by CartoonSilverFox

  --> Additional simple background: + 4€
  Commission : Flying Without Wings by CartoonSilverFox Commission: Preparing to Dive by CartoonSilverFox Safe and Sound by CartoonSilverFox Commission: Water Polo Practice by CartoonSilverFox

  --> Additional detailed background: + 10€
  Commission: Diving by CartoonSilverFox Where's mummy? Where's daddy? by CartoonSilverFox Swim in Evening Lake by CartoonSilverFox Crash and Spyro, A Dragon Out of Time by CartoonSilverFox

Other possible pictures:

Monochrome coloured sketch: 5€ (+2€ for extra character)
Reunion by CartoonSilverFox Redback Coloured Sketch by CartoonSilverFox Jak and Damas Doodles by CartoonSilverFox

Regular coloured sketch: 6€ (+3€ for extra character)
Miraculous, les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir by CartoonSilverFox The Clone Wars Characters by CartoonSilverFox

Painted cartoon styled portrait with simple background: 6€
Palette Challenge : Star Butterfly by CartoonSilverFox Peridot Painting by CartoonSilverFox

Black and white painted portrait: 12€
Remus Lupin by CartoonSilverFox David Bowie by CartoonSilverFox Blake by CartoonSilverFox

Still icon: 8€
Commission : Chippy Icon by CartoonSilverFox Commission: Nero Icon by CartoonSilverFox

Animated icon: (currently not available)
SafeGaming89 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2016  Hobbyist
Yeah, if I did have enough money, I'd love to buy a commission from you. ^^
CartoonSilverFox Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Student General Artist
Thanks ^^ Well, maybe one day
SafeGaming89 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Hobbyist
Yeah, if I feel more confident on using things like PayPal. ^^;
And you're welcome. :)
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