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Fun with Portals by CartoonSilverFox
Fun with Portals
Portal 2's an amazingly fun game, and I especialy enjoyed co-op mode with my brother x3 So after having this idea for ages, I decided to try my hand at drawing the 2 robot characters as humans, as a lot of people have done already. So here's my version of human P-Body and Atlas :D Gotta love these 2 x3
Otherwise I tried a different style for this picture. Dunno if I should draw like this more often :shrug:

Enjoy ^^

PS : So, which of the 2 characters do you think I played as on co-op? ;)

Do not use, edit, copy, trace, repost, recolour, etc without my permission!
CE : Dragon Design 2 by CartoonSilverFox
CE : Dragon Design 2
Edit : modified the design slightly.

My second entry for :iconasqard:'s contest.

Credit for the rune design goes to…

Do not use, edit, copy, trace, repost, recolour, etc without my permission! >:/ Only Asqard can use or edit.
Gift : Chibi Tobirama by CartoonSilverFox
Gift : Chibi Tobirama
I started this picture a year ago, only decided to finish it yesterday D: That's like a record or something xDD Anyway it was originally a birthday pic for :iconsebastien11: of his favourite Naruto character :) I just had to finish drawing the hair, the waves and the background.

Do not use, edit, copy, trace, repost, recolour, etc without my permission! >:/
Can You Guess My favorite Characters? by CartoonSilverFox
Can You Guess My favorite Characters?
Wanted to re-do this meme for a while x3 Here's my new top characters list, in comparison to what I did a few years ago… Hopefully my drawing skills have improved since then too xD I tried a bit of a different style here to usual.

It was hard chosing who should be in the top 20, even only counting cartoon and video game characters :P But this time I put more than just one female character x)

So, can you name all of them? ;)

Blank meme :…

Don't look under here if you want to guess the characters...


Characters present :
Spyro : Favourite video game character as kid. Loved the games, mainly Spyro 3.
Alfred Kwak : One of my favourite childhood cartoons, I guess I always admired Alfred for his actions and beliefs x3
Crash Bandicoot : Another great character from video games I loved to play as a kid.
General Skarr : In the old cartoon Grim and Evil, my fav was always Evil. He's why ;)
Lisa Simpson : Not the funniest Simpsons character, but I prefered her to Bart or Homer for her morals, intelligence, and sometimes slightly relating to her (though not from being an 8 year old genious that's for sure lol).
Kakashi Hatake : My first fav anime character when I started Naruto, cool guy Kakashi x)
Dimitri Lousteau : First playing the demo of Sly 2 I found him strange along with his theme music. But after a while his crazy wierdness grows on you xD
Sasha Nein : cool secret agent in Psychonauts with a german accent : what else do I have to say? xD
Donatello : I knew practically from starting the 2012 TMNT series that my fav would be the intelligent and slightly awkward but lovable Donnie <3
Basil : My favourite Disney film as a kid, just couldn't get enough of it x) I seem to like the smart characters lol
Fluttershy : Character in MLP FiM I can relate to the most. Shyness, enough said.
Aang : One of my absolute favourite shows when it came out, I was never sure who my fav character was. But now I'd have to say Aang for his fun loving attitude and airbending skills.
N. Tropy : Never really knew why, this doctor just grew on me more than the other characters in Crash 3. Evil british time traveller ftw xD
Daffy Duck : Goofy, greedy, and for me the funniest Looney Tunes character, who you can relate to perhaps more easily than Bugs.
Sandy Cheeks : Tough squirrel living underwater, one of the only main female characters in Spongebob. Again very intelligent, at least comepared to spongebob lol
Roy Mustang : Difficult choosing between him and Edward Elric, but he tops him by just a little <3
Kimi Finster : Favourite character in Rugrats, and the character I always wanted to play as in the game Rugrats in Paris. I think as a kid I mostly wanted my fav character to be female and it was a choise between her, Lil, Susie and Angelica xD
Korra : Though can be a bit annoying at times, she proves to be a great character and avatar, and a tough one at that.
Hana :Though I only saw the film a year or 2 ago, Hana's a character I can really admire for all that she does in the story.
Death the Kid : Again, when starting Soul Eater I had a feeling he'd be my favourite x3 He's cool but crazy, and I love his voice in the English dub <3 xD
Prize : Septimus And Peter by CartoonSilverFox
Prize : Septimus And Peter
Another overdue contest prize for :iconattynesider: of his OC Peter with his dragon OC Septimus. Sorry for the long wait, but I hope you like it x3 Also if there' something wrong in the design I'll change it.

Do not use, edit, copy, trace, repost, recolour, etc without my permission! >:/ Only :devATTynesider can use.


Artist | Student | Varied
Hey :wave: I'm 19, live in France, and have a brother :iconsebastien11: I love to draw, mostly in cartoon style but here and there I'll try realistic X3
I'm half English and half French, though English is my maternal language, but you can also speak to me in French if you prefer ^^

Friends irl

Awesome people <3
:iconlucile::iconvioleta960::iconchocogingerfingers::iconsideshowbobfanatic::iconfizzreply::iconfire-flame-fan::iconkavus-spyre::iconamandinde::iconpoisonouspeach::iconblazinflizard::icontwarda8::icona7xsparx::iconsweetlhuna::iconkalathedragoness::iconhazelthedragoness::iconxvanilla-twilightx::iconstephdragonness::iconattynesider: :iconxflowerstarx:


:bulletpurple: Art trades: closed (unless I ask)
:bulletpurple: Requests: closed
:bulletpurple: Comissions: closed

To-do list:

:bulletred:= not started
:bulletblue:= started
:bulletgreen:= finished
:bulletyellow:= on hold

:bulletred: Art trade with :iconxflowerstarx:
:bulletgreen: contest prize for :iconyorialu:
:bulletgreen: contest prize for :iconstephdragonness:
:bulletgreen: contest prize for :iconattynesider:


Some pairings I like :heart:

Alfred X Winnie Alfred J. Kwak
Spyro X Elora Spyro
Snape X Lily Harry Potter
Fluttershy X Discord My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Aang X Katara Avatar the Last Airbender
Sasha X Milla Psychonauts
Donatello X April Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles 2012
Raz X Lili Psychonauts
Naruto X Hinata Naruto


:iconfoxplz: :iconredfoxplz: :iconwhitefoxplz:

Johan by Archerionwolf
Yeah, I saw a lot of people doing this for dA's anniversary, so decided to do it myself :3 I would have on the actual day, but was feeling a bit ill and my computer (being a Windows XP) now won't let me submit a new journal so I have to do this on another PC :/

Anyway, so here's my dA story :

I first found dA after finding numerous drawings and comics, mostly of Crash Bandicoot, that I liked and eventually I traced them to this site, where after a while of looking at art here for quite some time, finally decided to create my own account so I could share my own art (I had started drawing on the computer a few years before, but only on MS Paint).
I named myself back then Aiyana14, cause I apparently had no imagination for name creating since I used my own name with a number attached :P (I would've called myself just Aiyana if a dA account didn't already exist with that name xD).

Spyro the dragon by CartoonSilverFox My first picture submitted on dA.

So joining dA I submited already drawn pictures and started to create new ones to share on the site, makng a few friends and becoming very influenced by numerous artists which had an impact on my art style.
I went through numerous fandoms and drawing phases, namely The Simpsons, Crash Bandioot and Spyro, and then dragons for a long time.
Little clown by CartoonSilverFox 
Flying in blue skies by CartoonSilverFox CE: Strawberry Fields Forever by CartoonSilverFox
Eventually I started to draw dragons less and drew more varied subjects, meeting new people along the way and practicing how to draw different things (like peope xD). I also started using Gimp 2 to draw and stopped using Paint.

Sumit Beyond The Clouds by CartoonSilverFox A Sunny Day by CartoonSilverFoxInto the Darkness by CartoonSilverFox Death The Kid by CartoonSilverFox

From my experience on dA I've learned a lot from different artists and have been inspired by amazing artists here to try and be as good an artist as I can be, practicing when I can to try and improve on my art. Plus being able to receive feedback on my work as well as comment on other peoples' art has been a big help :)

I've also made some great friends here and some met some really nice or interesting people who share similer interests :D I'm glad to still be on this site, even if at times like at the moment I have less time to be very active on here or draw as much.
  • Mood: Glad


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